illicit relationships

illicit relationships

Recent rescearh and social studies into the world of relationships now claim that upto 40% of women and upto 60% of males will at some time during their marriage indulge and have illicit relationships and  affairs. This is a figure that to some may seem not easily believed, but if you combine the number found in both these figures are somewhat of a surprise to most, 80% of all married couples may have one or both partners indulging in some for of  marital illicit relationships

So why is this happening ? Also what are some of the signs that may indicate that a person maybe in your local area and either is or maybe could be about to become interested in being involved in such an affair.

The old time general  signs and hints include unexplained changes in the person’s general routine and habits . Lack of normal desire for the every day normal life, working the ubiqutious longer hours,sudenly  going off to the gym as well as a new look or frsh smell may be the lead that makes you  think and wonder.

So there are a few of the normal signs are quite obvious, but what about the reasons and basis causes that can change and make an individual forget or cheat on their marital vows. It is always easy to jump up and to make the  claim that all illicit relationships and extramarital affairs are evil , wrong , etc ,and shouldn’t happen but the actual truth is nowhere near even close to the ideal and  perfect. Life isnt like the movies and does create changes in opinions , the truth is falling and fancing  each other is straightforward  and basic human nature, but you and we all know that some relationships are there and will not survive. So in such situations it come to pass where two different people have found that they have  fallen out of , just as easily as they fell into, love and this can be all that is necessary to  promote the justification to look for a new desire, passion and partner its a long and complicated arguement.

Statistics , dont we love them, can state that more men in general  have marital affairs simply because they are males and as society tells us all men are “pigs” with an increadable lack of self control? This may be so and true ,but a majority claim that this is genetic as men are the typical hunter gatherers in their natures,  so genetics and evolution has determined and told us their desire is to mate at all costs.illicit relationships

So what can we see and what conclusions may be deduced  from all these illicit relationships? The first is , an keep an open mind, that it doesn’t always evertime indeed need to be wrong! If couples find themselves in an acknowleged less than perfect relationship or one with irreconcilable differences ,then why shouldn’t they forfill there primal passions , life is short after all. Second, it will as we all know, require the minmum of two to tango , and yes it is easy to say men seem to be they main involvees , but every year there are a lot more women pushing up the percentages and are able to find justification in their own desires and passions.

Lastly it is upto you ,whether it be wrong or right , the main one thing is it is now easier and more socially accpetable to find theses likeminded adults  to have illicit relationships and an affair via the world of illicit relationships dating sites.